Online Poker Tournament

There is an interesting article on online poker tournament. The article is about a player who used auto post, check fold and fold options as he was not using or near the computer and then too finished third in the competition. This means that the other players did not play well even though this player was not playing this proved that the other players didn't have the basic online poker tournament strategy.

In this game most of the hands are to be folded and one should learn that to stay in the online poker tournament. So it's not worth betting in every hand. Here win is not guaranteed if you continue taking chances even though some chances make you win some money but not every hand. And once you loose you will have to leave as you loose your buying option and cannot return back.;

Here is the answer for the article about the guy who finished third without playing a single hand. He folded every hand and never took any chance of betting while the others with no basic knowledge had to leave. So this means being calm initially is ok but you should be able to approach an aggressive attitude as it is required in middle stages as this is used as one of the strategy in online poker tournament.

As the game progresses the blinds become bigger and you cannot afford loosing them as compared to initial phase of the game. So you will have to plays some aggressive hands even with your weak hands according to the situation to defend your blinds. You will have to pace up as the game approaches it mid stage as it will keep the other players away from your way and will only dare to bet if they have solid hands.

Avoid making mistakes in the final stages by keeping your cool. One of the most common mistakes is using the all-in strategy as now no one will be scared of it in final stages and some one will surely call for it you will loose everything unless you have your luck in your favor.